A Short List Of Common Essay Types In College

When it comes to writing winning essays, there are basic things which every student must always have at the back of the mind and one of them is a good topic. The moment you miss out on this, you can be rest assured of poor grades at the end of the school term. But who wants to perform dismally with all the information out there? The age of the internet has changed many a student’s perspective in matters pertaining to information seeking. You’ve got to appreciate the power of the internet when it comes to academic these days but most importantly, embrace it fully. A lot of students are however finding it even challenging using the internet to understand or even search for information relating to types of essays one can be assigned in college.

Well, with so much bound to change as one transitions from high school to college, one of the things a student ought to brace for as well is approach in essay writing. While the core ideas will basically remain the same such as what narratives are all about, you will need to adjust your approach to writing. If you have always started your essays with the ‘Once upon a time’ rendition, things are a lot different in college because technically, there are a good number of students who use this cliché even when doing other types of essays and not necessarily narratives. Thus a far, all a student who is in college or is perhaps preparing to join one soon needs to understand is the type of essays one would get to partake on henceforth. This is what I explore in this post, so take a look below for a short list of what you need to know. If you happen to need writing help, don’t hesitate to get cheap essays online.

  1. Discuss triggers of increasing rates of suicides among teenagers. This is a common essay topic you will come across most of the times
  2. Discuss the major causes of global terrorism
  3. Review the problem of global warming and give your opinion on the best way to curb it
  4. Should high school students be allowed to go to school without uniform? Write an opinion essay on this
  5. What is your take on the best way to cut back on government expenditure
  6. Should grants given to high school students be increased?
  7. How should policy makers in education handle the problem of slang in languages?

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